Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Backlink Analyzer


Now that you've learned about backlinks... and created some... heres a way to get a GREAT tool for free. Likely one of the most powerful backlink analyzer's out there! Visit Shawn's site and sign up for his free tools and learn exactly how to get them! These are NO BULL$%@! tools YOU NEED, for SEO. Remember, though, like any tool for SEO - don't go crazy and OVERUSE it. Search engines DON'T LIKE getting hammered, and when they do, the I.P. behind the abuse could possibly get banned!

Direct Quote about the Backlink Analyzer:

"It allows you to enter a keyword and it will completely analyze the top 10 or top 20 (you specify) results in any engine to tell you exactly who is linking to them, with what anchor text, from what IP, the page title of the linking URL, the PR, the keyword focus, and sooo much more. It summarizes it all in tables at the bottom to tell you how many PR 5's they have, how many links from the same IP, how many links with the same anchor text, etc."

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