Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meta Tags - Do They Matter Anymore?

Meta Tags!

They used to be a powerful means of optimizing your website. Do they even matter any more? Truth is - not very much. However, having said that - they are still important, because the search engines still use them to to provide a description of your site, the text that appears on your entry. More so than ever you can use the Description tag as it was intended, to properly describe your service! In terms of their importance for your ranking - they only have power at the smaller engines, not the big three. One important factor however, is that it is wise practice to use these tags correctly, and uniquely for each page of your site. If a word is in your META KEYWORDS tag, that word better appear on the page! This is not a place to put words you wish you could have fit in somewhere - keep it down to your keywords, first, in the prominent position, and only words that actually appear on your page, afterwards - words that support the key phrase or key word, in theme! So many webmasters try to use this as a place where they can express all the extra words they hope the site to score for - but the truth is, if they aren't on the page itself, as well - they'll most certainly be ignored!


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