Friday, January 13, 2006

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SEO - Automated Link Exchanges

Well 2006 is here and guess what... Once again strategies have changed. One of the main purposes of this BLOG was to experiment with various SEO techniques - and be a bit more brave, here - than I could with any client websites. 2004/2005 was the year of automated link exchanges. As an experiment I bought a membership and tried it out on this site. I opted for The site is now flagged under, and the original is now PR0!

The Truth

The truth is, it appears Google, at very least, has caught on to these methods. The problem with this type of SEO promotion, is pretty simple. It is an un-natural method of optimization in that way too many links are created, way too fast. It seems google has dropped to PR0 - yet a year ago they were PR6 or better. Perhaps that is the result of another fast-tracking SEO method to the top. It is my belief that every year, Google adds newer and better math to their ranking algorythm; creating a more accurate "chronological history" of every domain in the database. Once keeping track of a domain's "age" and history it is fairly logical to assume it wouldn't be too difficult to add to that - a record of "how quickly" new links are acquired. I personally think the coding behind (formerly is brilliant - in that exchanging reciprocal links should be automated to some extent! I think Google has it wrong in this situation, in fairness. However, this Blog site had hooked up and went from PR4 down to PR2. Looks like the mainsite went right into the dungeon - penalty box - sandbox, whatever you want to call it! Not good. PR0. Perhaps one day finding link partners on the web will follow an ethical, logical, automated flow - with more in the way of quality control of it's participants, than found in the campaign. Apparently Google doesn't think so much of "Automated Link Exchanges". I definately do not recommend you use this method, until the business model has grown to include human ethics and consideration for Google PR. If you are involved in an automatic link exchange, that uses dynamic produced reciprocal links - get out now! That's my advice!