Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Search Engine Optimization begins with your HTML Tags. Proper Usage of Tags is still important in SEO. Perhaps the single most important Tag is the Title Tag.

What belongs in the Title tag? Your entire life story. Joke. No really, what belongs first in the Title tag is your key words. Followed by a dash or comma, then your company name. No more, no less. I have experimented over and over with this. If you put to much information in your Title tag, you will pay a price. This is because the weight of your keywords will be less. Weight? Weight means, in SEO terms, the density or weight of your key words compared to the total of all words in this tag. Still confused? Consider this keyword weight equation:

[Title]Widgets - John Smith[/Title]

I have replaced the <> symbols with [ and ], to make it easier for me to enter into this blog. Naturally, you wouldn't do this in your HTML. Let's look carefully at this Title. Widgets is our example key word. Upon careful examination, inside the Title tag there are exactly 20 characters. Widgets makes up 7 of them. If we divide 7 by 20, we get .35, or 35%. 35% is our keyword weight.

From this, we can see that a Title tag:

[Title]Widgets - John Smith, Serving the State of Nevada USA[Title]

will not have the same key word weight. In fact this Title has a keyword weight of only 13%. That is a little bit low for the Title Tag. I like around 30-40% myself, but opinions will vary. Don't bother repeating your keywords in your Title Tag, it won't help much, and may even do harm.

That's it for the Title Tag. See my next post for using the Meta Description Tag in your search engine optimization techniques.

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