Monday, March 14, 2005

Real Estate Website Structure

In the sea of websites involving Real Estate and MLS, I have learned that the sites that display good search engine status, typically involve:

  • Well structured and keyworded pages, each somewhat optimized for individual phrases specific to the region.

  • A home page that has hundreds of backlinks from other sites.

  • A listings area that produces listings where the Title and Descriptions are well coded, and unique for that property.

  • Homepage links to important, high PR sites from the community help a site rank high for the general search of that city or region. i.e. Chicago Real Estate found in the search for "Chicago".

The last point is interesting in that while a site may be optimized for a region's Real Estate market, people don't always use Real Estate phrases to find homes. Many just enter the city name, and go from there.

A very usefull website for Open Source (FREE) Real Estate Listings PHP code can be found at

With modifications, this code can be very search engine friendly. Forums are available to learn about the different MODS, and get help.