Wednesday, March 09, 2005

PHP Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a website for PHP can be a challenge. Often the code created does not allow for proper Titles, Meta Tags, or Descriptions (like HTML homepages do). If you are careful and create dynamic Titles that match the key words and content in your dynamically produced code, you will have more luck. If a website contains a great number of pages, dynamically produced, with the same Title and Description Tags - chances are SE's won't pay much attention to them. Site Maps also help greatly in this department. If the number of dynamically produced pages is not too enormous; one can create HTML with proper anchor text, in a site map that points to the dynamically produced code. This creates a road map to these otherwise lost pages, and helps them develop relevance. If the number of dynamically produced pages is in the hundreds or thousands, you will have to restructure your Title in the relevant .php to incorporate some way of pulling a key word data variable, either from the database, or some other routine. Fortunately there are usually forums full of users for each PHP script (if popular)out there. Making the database output SE friendly is usually a hot topic in most forums.

* I have replaced the "<>" in the Title tag with [ and ].

It is an acceptable practice, as a minimum, to add that same data to the Description. This dynamic Title is usually a call to a function in your "common.php" document for the application. In this example, a real estate website calls to a function to place the address of the property right in the Title. The address could be added into the Meta Description, as well. For each property listing, there will then be a unique Title and Description.


More info on PHP and Search Engine Optimization.

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