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Google PageRank(TM)

Google PageRank(TM) According to Google(TM): "The heart of our software is PageRank(TM), a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. And while we have dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of Google on a daily basis, PageRank continues to provide the basis for all of our web search tools."

* source:

Google PageRank(TM) to me is admittedly, quite an enigma. It is becoming more and more apparent that theme is starting to play a bigger part of SERPS - (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Complicated estimations on how Google calculates PR suggest quite an intelligent algorithm. Another notable article is "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine". I should hope they've come up with something intelligent, afterall, they are making a lot of money off this stuff. Many tools exist to check Page Rank on your site. Don't hammer the search engines with tools you find on sites. Downloadable programs that queue up lengthy requests from search engines run even more risk of getting your local IP restricted or banned from use. Be reasonable, and it's best to use sites or tools that actually have a licensed API. You can add a Toolbar from Google(TM) to help you out, as well. Discussions take place about Google PageRank (TM) in SEO Forums. If your site domain is brand new, you will experience additional challenges in the alleged Google Sandbox. What the Sandbox means is: If you have a new website, there's a good chance that you'll be placed in this "penalty" zone. Don't change the way you build your website or market it. Use it to your advantage and build your traffic, and links. Usually within 6 to 12 months, your website should be very well positioned within Google.

Fortunately, you may scratch Google(TM)'s back with their Google Adsense(TM) program. Also notable, is As you can see, at the moment there are no public services available off that link. Perhaps that would be.. Evil? I wish I could get blank pages on my server to get a PR 3, like that one!

My rule of thumb:

I optimize for Altavista(TM), (I miss her...) / Yahoo(TM) and MSN(TM), and then if all goes well, Google(TM) will come around last. I really don't give it a lot more thought than that, because it's pretty hard to optimize for Google(TM) with a new client - new domain. To the best of my knowledge, Google(TM) is the only important search engine that takes a website's "age" into consideration. There are a few cool checks you can do with Google (TM) though, even if your website is in the alleged "Google Sandbox".

Try putting these terms before your search if your domain is brand new:

This will tell you if Google(TM) has registered your site in it's database. If it is not listed add your URL to Google.

Link search will tell you how many pages Google(TM) is aware of: pages that link back to your domain. It will produce a result like:

Results 1 - 10 of about 10,200 linking to

* If your site is "SandBoxed" the results you get are inaccurate. That's not too important. As long as that number increases, it's a good thing. If your site is PR0, shown by a blank white PageRank(TM) bar, you'll need to get some links back to your site. Once you have your site listed in many directories, Google will be constantly crawling your site and picking up new links day by day. Sooner or later, if you have enough higher PR links back to your site, your PR will go up.

Here are some other cool Google(TM) search commands:

Related to the topic on your page. Yea Right.


Lists pages and sites that contain the "keyword" in their url.


Lists pages and sites that contain the "keyword" as anchor text in a link.

* see more here: adapted from this page by PHOENIX

More Google(TM) to come!


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